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Can you have an open fire inside the city limits?

The simple answer is no. It is against city ordinance to have an open fire inside the city which consists of burning trash in a barrel, burning construction materials, or leaves in your yard. However, you may pick up a burn permit from the Fire Department in which you may be allowed to burn a brush pile on a lot that has been cleared.

Who sets the County Burn Ban, and how does it work?

The County Burn Ban is set by the Grimes County Commissioners Court, not the Fire Department. Once a burn ban has been put in place there is absolutely no burning within the county until the commissioners' court recindss the order.

This means that a Fire Department can not give someone permission to burn by overriding a Commissioners Court ruling.

Does the Navasota Fire Department still have volunteers?

Yes. If you wish to become a volunteer, you can come by the Fire Station and get an application at 1500 S. LaSalle, Navasota, TX 77868


How do I request an accident report?

Reports are made available upon written request. The Records Division is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, closed on holidays. A fee may apply. For more information, please contact the Records Office at (936) 825-6124 or visit the Records Office

Where do I pay my ticket?

Municipal Court is located at 204 E. McAlpine, Navasota, TX 77868

Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. We are closed on holidays.

The Court Clerk can be reached at (936) 825-6268.

Sanitation/Trash Services

Why has the city decided to use polycarts for trash collection?

There are many advantages to the new polycart program. Republic Services, Inc. introduced a newer collection alternative to improve our city’s solid waste services. The new automated polycart trash collection service will help to keep your cost down.
• With a polycart there are no trashcans for residents to buy or replace, or missing lids.
• Improves worker safety and reducing injuries, increasing level of service.
• The polycart has an attached lid to keep all trash enclosed helping to reduce odors, prevent scavenging by animals and unsightly blowing litter and strewn garbage.
• Polycarts have wheels for easy maneuvering.
• Single-uniform container improves the look of neighborhoods.

Where and how should I place my polycart?

All trash will be collected at curbside or as close to the curb or streetline as practical, so long as carts do not impede traffic. If your property has an incline or slope, you may want to place your cart at the entrance of your driveway adjacent to the street. Carts must be facing so the lid opens toward the street and wheels face home or business. Multiple carts should be placed 4 feet from each other and should be at least 10 feet away from vehicles, trees, overhanging limbs, mailboxes, hydrants, yard waste piles and utility poles.

Does the trash need to be in bags before it is placed in the polycart?

Yes, this will assure that all refuse is contained when the polycart is being emptied into the collection truck. Preventing loose refuse and litter will help keep our neighborhoods neat and clean.

If I have boxes or bagged trash next to my polycart will it be collected?

No. All trash must fit inside the polycart container and the lid must be fully closed. No items shall be placed on the top or around the cart. You may place cardboard boxes inside the cart. However, make sure to breakdown the boxes and to bag any Styrofoam packing peanuts or bubble wrap before placing inside your container to prevent litter.

What items are not allowed to be placed in the polycart?

Poisons, acids, caustic, explosives, oil, liquid paints, dangerous materials, In addition, brush, tree limbs, dirt, rocks bricks, building materials, tires, batteries, or furniture will not be accepted when placed in the polycart. WARNING: Do not put hot ashes from your fireplace, wood burning stoves or charcoal grills in polycart as this can cause the possibility of fire. If the poly cart is damaged because of negligence, the customer will be charged for the polycart and assessed a penalty for violating the solid waste ordinance.

Can I write my name, house number or affix stickers on or to the polycart?

No. The polycart is the property of Republic Services, Inc. Please do not write on or deface the container in anyway. This becomes a problem when carts need to be serviced by Allied Waste. A replacement container is delivered to your residence and the faulty container is sent for repairs and will eventually be delivered to another customer.

Who is responsible for cleaning the polycart?

The Customer is responsible for cleaning the poly cart. Soap and hot water easily cleans the polycart.

What do I do if my polycart has a missing wheel or a broken lid?

Polycarts may wear out and breakdown over time as all things typically do. If you encounter a problem where a wheel or lid has broken, or the handle has come loose, you may contact the Public Works Offices at 825-6450. A replacement container will be delivered to you either the same or next day.

Can I leave my polycart at the curb?

No. Your polycart shall be removed from the curbside on the same day in which your trash was collected and secured on your premises where they cannot be observed from the street. This is a requirement of the City solid waste ordinance.

Is there an initial charge for the polycart container?

No. There is no charge for the cart. You will only pay for the service to collect trash from your cart.

If I generate more refuse than my one polycart will hold will I need to pay for service for a second cart?

Yes. If you find you have a need for another polycart due to the volume of your household refuse, please contact Utility Billing (936) 825-6475 and arrangements will be made for you to receive a second (2nd) polycart for an additional fee.

May I use containers I already have in addition to my polycart?

No, because of the design of the automated sanitation collection equipment, only polycart containers may be used.

What do I do with my regular trashcan now that I can’t use it for trash? Can I set it out with my regular trash for disposal?

If you practice recycling, you may also want to consider using your trash can for bagging your yardwaste such as bagged leaves or storing aluminum cans or plastic beverage and detergent bottles to transport to the Navasota Recycling Center. You may also consider giving your unwanted trash container to a friend who may reside in another community that does not provide automated trash collection.
If you simply must throw your container away, you may place your trashcan at the curb during the bulky item collection day. Be sure to place a note on your can that states, “Please throw away”.

What will I need to do to have my bulky items collected and is there a limit on the number of items I can discard?

Republic Services, Inc. will only collect four (4) Bulky Items on the Third Monday of the month. Residents must call Allied Waste Services at 979-277-1160 at least 72 hours in advance to schedule your collection. Be prepared to provide Customer Service with a description of the item(s) you are setting out for collection. Keep in mind that items must be placed at the curb no earlier than the Friday before your scheduled collection as this will result in a code violation and code enforcement may issue a citation or ticket for the non-compliance.
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