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eBooks & Audiobooks


To take advantage of the new partnership between the Navasota Public Library and the Central Texas Digital Consortium you can now checkout eBooks and audiobooks using the Overdrive™ application. The Overdrive™ application can be downloaded for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. To be able to checkout eBooks from the Central Texas digital Consortium you can either go directly to the site. Or create and Overdrive™ account for a more mobile friendly experience.

How to Create your own Overdrive™ Account:
1. Download the Overdrive™ App from your mobile app store or go to www.overdrive.com and click signup on the top right of the page. On the sign up page enter your Name and Email address and a 8 character password then click the signup button. Then you will be asked to log into your email to verify your identity.
2. On the Account Settings page select your favorite book genres and click the save button at the bottom of the page. (Mobile users click the top left 3 bar button and select Account>Manage account)
3. Next click on the Libraries tab and type into the zip code 77868 or Navasota and click find. The search will bring up the Central Texas Digital Consortium Library, click the save button.
4. Once all the steps above are completed you can click on the Overdrive logo on the top left of the page to get started or if you are on the mobile app close and re open the app.
5. Remember when asked to sign into the Central Texas Digital Consortium type Navasota in the search box and hit enter.
6. You will see Navasota Public Library as a drop down option, select it.
7. Please use your Library card number (Starts with a P) and your birthdate for the PIN to log in!

Once all the above is completed you are ready to enjoy eBooks from anywhere in the world! For questions regarding checkout limits and returns please call the Navasota Public Library at (936) 825-6744 for more information.
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