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Rules & Regulations


The Oakland Cemetery is governed by rules and regulations listed in Ordinance No. 562-08. The Cemetery contains 32.02 acres of land that is divided into four sections. Sections A, B and C grave spaces sell for $1,000 for city residents and $3,000 for non-city residents. Section E, Urn Section, spaces sell for $150 each. Other fees include:
Deed transfers - $25
Monument Markers - $25
Grave Site Markings - $100

The City provides the continuing care and maintenance, operation, and improvements to the Cemetery, but excludes the purchase, erection, repair, or replacement of monuments, headstones, markers, or any other item on a grave space.


  • The sale, transfer, or assignment of any grave space shall not be binding until the City Manager or his/her designate has approved it in writing and a deed executed.
  • Any grass, flowers, shrubs, trees, or other types of vegetation shall be planted only by the direction of the City Manager or his/her designate in accordance with the master landscape plan. Plantings by individuals are prohibited and shall be removed and disposed of by the City.
  • Only one potted plant, basket, floral piece, funeral design, decoration, or other object of temporary design is permitted within six inches of the monument.
  • Holiday decorations may be placed on grave spaces no sooner than five days prior to the holiday calendar date and must be removed 10 days from the holiday date. Please be advised that a monthly clean-up schedule occurs.
  • No person, firm, or corporation shall perform any grave digging services in the cemetery without first obtaining a permit from the City Manager's office.
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