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Oakland Cemetery


Oakland Cemetery
801 Sixth St.
Navasota, TX 77868


The Oakland Cemetery serves as a historic chapter of Navasota's past. The Oakland Cemetery was originally owned by a private association known as the Oakland Cemetery Association. The association was formed in 1867 during the yellow fever epidemic.

The City of Navasota acquired the Cemetery from the Oakland Cemetery Association and the Women's Cemetery Association on June 23, 1954. The Resthaven Section, located on the west side of Oakland Cemetery, is also a piece of historical significance for Navasota. This section is the burial ground for Navasota's Famous Blues Musician and Songster Mance Lipscomb.

Rules & Regulations

For a list of rules and regulations, please visit Rules and Regulations.

Additional Information

For more information on records, plots or regulations, please contact  Navasota City Hall at (936) 825-6475.

 For information regarding the maintenance of Oakland Cemetery grounds, please contact Navasota Parks Department at (936) 825-2241.

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