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Smoke Detector Basics


There are thousands of deaths each year across the United States due to fires, but fire is not what usually causes these deaths. It is the smoke that fire produces that causes death.

Common Misconceptions

Many people think that they will be able to smell the smoke while they are sleeping or feel the heat from the fire. Our bodies are wonderfully made and we have a great cooling system that does not require us to do anything to maintain our body temperature. Our body senses the heat and immediately our natural cooling system goes to work. When we finally sense the heat is too great, the time to escape has almost been eliminated.

Also our noses that do a wonderful job of smelling while we are awake have a sleep mode of their own. When we finally do smell the smoke we have taken in quite a bit of the poisonous gases caused by fire and our ability to get out has been greatly diminished. Smoke detectors give us an early warning increasing the amount of time we have to get out of the house alive. The smoke detectors must be placed where they can alert us and tested frequently to ensure functionality.

For more information on fire prevention in Navasota, please contact Fire Prevention/Public Education Officer, Eddie Parrott, at (936) 825-7388.
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