Get Notified & Take a Survey

There are two new ways for the City of Navasota to help you opt-in to receive notifications or to answer a few questions, so your opinion is heard by City Management.  These two new systems are NavNotify and FlashVote.  We encourage you to sign up and opt-in for both.

NavNotify logo FlashVote
The City of Navasota now has a new way to alert you to all kinds of notifications. Everything from weather alerts to fun things happening at the library. This service allows you to opt-in to receive notifications via phone calls, text messaging, e-mail and more based on the type of events you care about. You can choose to receive notifications about all the alerts available or pick and choose between:
  • Community Events
  • Library Programs & Events
  • Parks Programs & Events
  • Weather Alerts
    • Flood and Flash Flood Warnings
    • Ice and Winter Storm Warnings
    • Freeze and Hard Freeze Warnings
    • Tornado Warnings
If you would like to opt-in to this service, go to: 

It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up and then you will start receiving the information you have selected. We highly encourage individuals who live or work in the Navasota area to subscribe to Nav Notify and stay informed.
The City of Navasota is working with FlashVote to engage the community and gather valuable input from residents to inform our decisions. 

We encourage residents to sign up here now: or call 775-235-2240 to participate by phone or text only.

Signing up takes less than one minute and your input is always kept anonymous. Personal or demographic information collected by FlashVote is never shared with the City or anyone else. When residents sign up, they can determine how surveys are received – whether by email, text, or phone call. They will receive a notification whenever there is a new survey, and they will have 48 hours to participate before voting closes. Once a survey is closed, everyone who participated will automatically receive a summary of the overall results and be able to see how their responses compare to the group.