Haven’t you Herd? Goats Hired to Clean Navasota Cedar Creek

For-“goat”-en already? No way! The goats return to Navasota Sunday, September 25, 2022. The City of Navasota is going green once again, using ever-hungry goats to clean up the dense vegetation and brush along Cedar Creek.

Navasota Goats

A herd of 80-100 goats from Rent-A-Ruminant Texas will be on the job in Navasota from Sunday September 25, 2022, through Sunday, October 22, 2022, with their never-ending appetite.

This isn’t the goats’ first time working for the city; goats were previously utilized in 2020 to clear the same area of brush and weeds along the creek.

­Rent-A-Ruminant has been contracted by the City of Navasota to clear the vegetation along multiple areas of Cedar Creek this year. There will be someone on site with the goats 24/7 while they are working. The company will be moving the goats through grazing plots. Residents near the creek may hear a brush cutter from time to time as they will be clearing paths to run portable electric fencing. Residents may also occasionally hear the goats talking, and sometimes you may even hear staff talking to the goats.

From Rent-A-Ruminant:­

Please do not touch the fence!
We use temporary electrified fencing to protect our herd. It keeps the goats concentrated on grazing specific areas and keeps predators out.

Please do not feed the goats!
The goats are here to do important work. Introducing snacks or treats to their diet can be dangerous and even fatal. We ask that you please refrain from feeding the goats anything as even some plant species can be harmful.

Please do not pet the goats!
The goats do eat unwanted vegetation such as poison ivy or poison oak. This oil does get on their coat and can be passed on to anyone touching them.

Please be advised of our Livestock Guardian Dogs
We may utilize the support of our Livestock Guardian Dogs for added protection against potential predators. Please do not attempt to pet them or enter the enclosed area.

For any emergencies, please contact Rent-A-Ruminant staff at (254) 271-9148 or (469) 863-3476. If you have any questions, please feel free to call, email or stop by.