Smoke Detector Maintenance

Maintenance Instructions

Many detectors now can be part of the house wiring system with a battery back up or have a battery only to power them. The detectors with batteries need to be checked often and the battery replaced every six months. We recommend replacing the battery when we change our clocks in the spring and fall to help us remember to do it.

You can also vacuum it to keep the dust from causing false alarms. When the battery does wear out it will emit a chirp to let you know the battery is dying. Just replace the battery and it will function fine again. Like everything, detectors will wear out and need to be replaced. If when you test the alarm, it makes a strange sound (weoooweoo) or no sound. If it makes no sound, it is time to replace the battery. If, once you change the battery, there is still no sound or a strange sound replace the detector.

For more information on fire prevention in Navasota, please contact Fire Chief/EMC, Jason Katkoski, at (936) 825-7388.