Exit Drills in the Home

Emergency Escape Plan

It’s important for family members to know two routes out of every room in the house in case there is ever a fire. Practicing those routes is just as important. Home exit drills save lives. The first step is to develop an emergency escape plan:

  • Appoint someone in the family to act as Fire Chief.
  • Determine a primary route and an emergency route out of every room in the house.
  • Decide on a meeting place outside the house such as near the mailbox.
  • Draw a picture of each floor in your home showing the rooms, doors, windows, and halls. Color the regular escape routes black and the emergency escape routes red. Place copies of the picture where everyone can see them.

Practicing the Drill

After you have an emergency escape plan, the next step is the drill itself:

  • Decide what the signal will be to start the emergency exit drill.
  • Everyone goes to their own bedrooms.
  • The Fire Chief gives the signal for the drill to begin.
  • Another family member repeats the signal.
  • Everyone closes the door between their room and their primary escape route.
  • Everyone leaves the house by their emergency exit route.
  • The Fire Chief brings the family together again. The Family Fire Chief stresses the importance of remaining calm, closing doors, and testing doors to closed rooms for heat before opening them.
  • Review the escape route picture with everyone, verifying that the escape routes are the best ways out of the house.

For more information on fire prevention in Navasota, please contact Fire Chief/EMC, Jason Katkoski, at (936) 825-7388.