Operation Blue Santa

IMG_4982Operation Blue Santa focuses on fulfilling wish lists to less fortunate children in Navasota, who are in need and for a variety of reasons and will most likely not receive any toys during the Christmas season.

Business donors and personal donations are needed to help continue this project successfully. With your participation, this program should help at least 75 children in Navasota have a special Christmas this year.

Operation Blue Santa will accept names of 25 or more students from the three elementary schools in Navasota ISD through recommendations from the counselors and/or teachers. Navasota PD hopes to extend this program to older students in the future — depending on the generosity of the community.

If you are interested in participating in Operation Blue Santa either by donation, volunteering time for shopping, organizing, etc. contact Navasota Police Chief Mike Mize, mmize@navasotatx.gov or via phone, 936-727-0575.