Rules & Regulations

Oakland Cemetery is governed by rules and regulations listed in Ordinance No. 562-08.

Oakland Cemetery Brochure

Reminder of Monthly Cemetery Clean Up 

We will be conducting cemetery cleanups per the city ordinance on a monthly basis from here forward.
  Regular cleanups of the cemetery are necessary to not only promote pride in the Oakland Cemetery and its historic gravesites, but to also help minimize the cost of maintaining the cemetery grounds.  All items that are not in compliance with Ordinance No. 562-08 (see link below) will be removed and discarded. The ordinance states that “The placing of ONE potted plant, basket, floral piece, decoration, or other objects of a temporary nature, not exceeding 6 inches in diameter and 24 inches in height, may be placed within 6 inches in front of marker, headstone, or monument only.”  During the cleanup, items that will be removed will include such things but not limited to: wind chimes, toys, Sheppard’s hooks, hanging baskets, balloons, ceramic figurines and trinkets, freestanding statues, benches, borders, plantings such as shrubs and trees.