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AirportMapThe Navasota Municipal Airport is located approximately 2 miles southwest of Downtown Navasota on Highway 105 West. The airport is an unattended public-use General Aviation (GA) airport owned by the City of Navasota. The airport maintains one, 75-foot by 5,003-foot asphalt paved runway with a full-length parallel taxiway. Real estate is available for the development of hanger space. For more information, please call (936) 825-6475.

For more information on Hangar Space Rental, please contact Spinner Aviation at (979) 429-3835

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Contact Info
Airport Manager: Jennifer Reyna
Phone: (936) 825-6450
Spinner Aviation: (979) 429-3835


Navasota Municipal Airport
100 Airport Road
Navasota, TX 77868