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Gas Operations


The Gas Department is responsible for providing natural gas to the citizens of Navasota, maintaining safe operations of the system, and minimizing service interruptions by maintaining and improving the gas distribution system.


The duties of the Gas Department staff include the following:
Maintaining City’s gas distribution system
Repairing and replacing gas mains
Installing gas service taps and meters
Repairing gas main leaks
Maintaining City’s main gas gate station
Maintaining 11 gas regulator stations
Painting and repairing gas meters and valves for corrosion control as necessary
Responding to gas leak complaints
Administering monthly odorization samples
Locating utility lines for construction and excavation
Complying with rules and regulations of the Texas Railroad Commission
Operating automated radio read metering systems
Jeff Greer
Utility Superintendent
Phone: (936) 825-6450 
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