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Planning & Development

Our Mission

The Community Development Department strives to provide citizens who have development interests with support and information to build and maintain an attractive city in which to live, work and play.


Planning and Development is the coordination of all development property within the city and ETJ. We provide information to assist citizens on projects pertaining their property, neighborhood and throughout the city while maintaining the Comprehensive Master Plan. We review development applications, site plans and plats to ensure development standards are met ad compatible with are land uses and zoning. Our department provides building permit applications, plan reviews and inspections to protect citizen's property investment and safety. Staff liaison to the Zoning Board of Adjustment and Planning and Zoning Commission.

Community Development Director

The Community Development Director is responsible for providing services which include informing citizens about land use, zoning, development, engineering, building regulations, comprehensive planning, floodplain management and community development with the intent to make our community great by partnering with you!

For questions regarding Navasota Development, please contact Lupe Diosdado via email, or phone at (936) 825 - 6450 ext. 5021.

Planning & Zoning - Application Submittal & Review Schedule


Development: The subdivision of land; any manmade change to improved or unimproved real estate, including but not limited to the construction, reconstruction, conversion, or enlargement of any structure; and any mining, dredging, filling, grading, paving, excavation or drilling operations. (Ordinance 736-14, sec. 5, adopted 5/13/14)

Site Plan Required: An approved and valid site plan shall be required prior to the approval of any construction plan and permit for and development of nonresidential development, residential development having more than two (2) dwelling units, manufactured home parks, and parking lot development of more than twenty (20) spaces.(Ordinance 736-14, sec 4, adopted 5/13/14)

Navasota Pre-Application Process: In order to develop land, build or remodel a non-residential structure, it is recommended to schedule a pre-application meeting. Download and complete all the requirements on the "Click to download" list below. Once complete, call Lori Duncan to set up a Pre-Application/Development meeting with Lupe Diosdado, Community Development Director for the City of Navasota. Once you have your pre-application meeting date/time set, email and bring by City Hall, all necessary documents at least 3 days prior to scheduled meeting so we can prepare for our meeting to be as productive as possible.

These meetings are generally held on Tuesday & Thursday mornings from 8am-10am, at Navasota City Hall, in room 200.


Planning & Zoning Commission

There is hereby created and established for the city a planning and zoning commission, which shall be composed of seven (7) members. The members shall be resident citizens, taxpayers and qualified voters of the city, all of whom shall be appointed by the mayor subject to confirmation by the governing body, to serve for terms of two (2) years. The city manager is hereby appointed as a nonvoting ex officio member of the planning and zoning commission. The Planning and Zoning Commission typically meets every second and fourth Thursdays of the month.
Commission Members:
Dia Copeland, Chairman

Randy Peters, Vice Chairman

Patty Tolkoly

John Walla

Monica Fultz

Carolyn Katkoski

James Harris




Zoning Board of Adjustment

There shall be a Board of Adjustment consisting of five (5) members and four (4) alternates appointed by the City Council. Each member is to be appointed for a term of two (2) years, removable for cause by the appointing authority upon written charges after public hearing. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term of any member whose position becomes vacant. The four (4) alternate members to the Board of Adjustment shall serve in the absence of one or more regular members when requested to do so by the Mayor or City Manager, or their designated representatives. The alternate members shall serve for the same period as the regular members, and any vacancies shall be filled in the same manner and shall be subject to removal in the same manner as the regular members. All cases must be heard by a minimum of four (4) members of the Board of Adjustment. The concurring vote of at least four (4) members is required to reverse administrative decisions, authorize variances, or take any other action authorized by this Ordinance.

Board of Adjustment meetings are held as needed. There is no set monthly schedule for Board of Adjustment meetings.

Board Members:
James Hammie, Chairman

Taylor Perry, Vice Chairman

Christopher Tucker

Gary Dycus

Justin Sanchez

Alternate Members:
Vacancy-taking applications

Genie Alfano

Judy Duncan

Ronnie Wells


Zoning Change

A zoning change is necessary if you're proposed use is not listed as a permitted use or a conditional use within the zone, of the zoning ordinance, where your property is located. Another zone change may be when you are requesting a change in development standards.

In order to apply for a Zoning Change or amendment you must complete the following:


Site Plan

A document that describes how a parcel of land is to be improved. It includes the outlines of all structures and site improvements, such as driveways, parking lots, landscaping,utility connections, building materials etc...
An approved and valid site plan shall be required prior to the approval of any construction plan and permit for and development of nonresidential development, residential development having more than two (2) dwelling units, manufactured home parks, and parking lot development of more than twenty (20) spaces.

If you meet the above mentioned criteria, the following documents are required to be completed and submitted for Site Plan approval consideration:



A map showing actual or planned features on a parcel of land drawn to scale, showing the divisions of a piece of land.
An approved plat is required prior to obtaining a building permit.
When submitting a "PLAT" to be recorded at the Grimes County Clerk's Office you must submit to the City of Navasota, Planning and Development Department, 1 - 24x36 Mylar copy of the approved plat. Your initial application fee includes your filing fee. A digital copy of the recorded Plat will be sent to you along with a hard copy for your records.

In order to apply for a Plat Change you must complete:


A legal modification to the current requirements within the subdivision ordinance or zoning ordinance.

In order to apply for a variance from a subdivision ordinance or zoning ordinance requirement you must complete:


Use Permits

Required for a conditional use permitted with the zoning ordinance, or a specific use that may be permitted.

In order to apply for a Use Permit you must complete:

Planned Unit Development

A zoning change for combining and mixing uses into an integral land development.

In order to apply for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) you must complete:
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